Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PLCB search

Bad. Claret? who calls it claret in the states? Some pretentious wine writers and, yes the PLCB. But this is just one example of the way they treat wine at the PLCB. Have a look here, and then pull down the wine types. California Burgundy, Chianti from Cali and New York? this list is stuck in the 70s. It would be way too much trouble to have a decent search - I dunno let's try type , country for a start, then maybe through in varietal (new world) or area (old world).

Yes, I know you can search by code, and by golly, that is powerful (if you knew the @#$% code). So what am I complaining about - I did find three nice examples this weekend a chilean pinot noir, california pinot grigio and a low end red. Now, I really enjoyed the Molina Pinot Noir, but while the label clearly says casablanca valley, the state store system insists on using a different location. Even the website for the wine agrees that they by grapes from the Casablanca Valley. The Luna Vineyards, which makes one of my favorites, the Canto, is making a nice fruit laced Pinot Grigio.

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Anonymous said...

What would be useful (and revealing) for me would be to allow for a search by importer. I simply do not trust wines imported by Palm Bay, for one, and they seem to have found the state of PA a good dumping ground for their uninspired, over produced, over priced imports. I love that Eric Asimov in the NY Times lists the importers of wines he recommends. My best success in choosing wines, aside from a good conversation with a knowledgeable merchant in, let's say, a state other than PA, is to find an importer I trust.

Wine Reviewed in PA