Friday, August 31, 2007

Craft Beer Podcast

Tons of podcasts on the internet and I stumbled across this conversational craft beer podcast. Nice discussion and worth a listen.

Craft Beer Radio

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Herding Cats, Cab/Shiraz, South Africa, 2005

Was in Delaware, of course just driving through, and found one of the wines I was looking for - Chateaux Braniare-Ducru (see the Braniare-Ducru Post) and as I was leaving I brought my bottle total to 6 with this herding cats, cab/shiraz mix from S.Africa. Ok, this mix is one of my staple table wines, the price was right ($5) and the label is eye-catching. Definitely would pick this up if the PLCB decided to branch out, as it was an easy drinking, nose friendly wine that would go with about anything.

Winery Note: Folks if you go to the trouble of making a drinkable wine, put some information about it on the web. I tried the urls on the bottle but to no avail. In Pennsylvania, you have a captive audience and any advertising will help.

Twisted Zin, California, 2005

Purchased this 1.5L from, yes, somewhere not sure where. Easy drinking Zin, not too spice but give the Zin newbie a good idea at the potential of this California grape. Found the link, but a note to the Delicato folks, if you have a website, you really should put the web address on the label. The review was positive from Robert Whitley at the San Diego Union-Tribune - a great resource if you are visiting San Diego.

Wine Reviewed in PA