Sunday, August 12, 2007

Herding Cats, Cab/Shiraz, South Africa, 2005

Was in Delaware, of course just driving through, and found one of the wines I was looking for - Chateaux Braniare-Ducru (see the Braniare-Ducru Post) and as I was leaving I brought my bottle total to 6 with this herding cats, cab/shiraz mix from S.Africa. Ok, this mix is one of my staple table wines, the price was right ($5) and the label is eye-catching. Definitely would pick this up if the PLCB decided to branch out, as it was an easy drinking, nose friendly wine that would go with about anything.

Winery Note: Folks if you go to the trouble of making a drinkable wine, put some information about it on the web. I tried the urls on the bottle but to no avail. In Pennsylvania, you have a captive audience and any advertising will help.

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