Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Herding Cats, 2005 - Redux and Rant

In August I picked up a bottle of Herding Cats, a South African wine, in Delaware and wrote that the PLCB would be well advised to stock this. And now, here it is. I could take credit for it, but I suppose that, given the complete random nature of the PLCB offerings, taking a suggestion would make too much sense. Either way a great deal from the state stores.

But this, brings up a topic near and dear and sore to my heart. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control board. Like the guns laws here, a complete and utter throw back to a previous era. Union employees who don't care what they are selling as long as they get pension benefits for stocking shelves and working cash registers. Know about wine - forget about it. Though that's not completely fair (I'll leave that to another post).

There are few redeeming qualities to this system, and if you spend hours scanning the website and locating the elusive bottles at a local store then you might find a few bargains. We the people of Pennsylvania are forced to be come scofflaws, sneaking across the border to Delaware or New Jersey to find someone who gives a .... well you know.

Wine Reviewed in PA