Monday, January 14, 2008

Visit to the Wine Store

Stopped in a lunch today to "window shop" and came across a fairly talkative state employee. My experience in the PLCB stores has been that people are people, just not wine people. Some are terse, some are friendly and I've run into 2, exactly 2, who know anything about the subject. I have talked to twice that (yes, four!) who don't even drink wine. Aren't there other jobs they can do in the state?

Anyway, the nice man gave me a few thoughts and I picked up a few on my own.
- Hahn Estates Meritage, 2005: $15.99
- Adelsheim 2006, Pinot Noir $33.
- Alderbrook 2003 Dry Creek Zinfandel, $10.99
- Trilogie, 2006, Argentina, $10

Now, the Hahn, as far as I can tell, is more expensive in PA than other places but the reviews are good so it might be worth the few bucks more. He gave the thumbs up on the Trilogie as it has been selling well.

Also, I noticed the 2003 Larose-Trintaudon is in. If you like Bordeaux blends and don't know which to try, you really can't go wrong with either this or Greysac. Both of these are regulars at the state store and are about the same price point ($18) so you may find different vintages in your store.

Back to pick up a few...

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Anonymous said...

There are a few wine knowledgeable employees, like myself,who work in the regular stores. However, we are not compensated for our knowledge above and beyond our normal wage and benefit package. No raise or bonus for having a passion about wine and sharing our wisdom with the customers. No extra vacation days or personal days as a reward for our knowledge. Why should I go the extra mile when it is not to my advantage to do so other than personal satisfaction and pride? Ninety five percent of what I have learned I have done on my own as a wine lover. I consistently have to take my orders from people who have less experience as well as formal education than myself. The LCB has no ongoing training program. The minimal amount of training that the employess are required to take is perfunctory at best. Senior management is more concerned with employess wearing their nametags and having the stores looking neat and tidy rather than educating the workforce about the wonderful world of wine. The former Chairman Newman was a beacon of light for a bleak and half assed government organization. You see what happened to him and how he was treated. Joe Conti and the the three members of the board don`t know a lick about wine. They are political appointees with various connections to the Govenor. If you are sick and tired of government control of wine and spirits in this state you must bring pressure upon the legislators and senators to make the move to private enterprize. As Sean Connery said to Kevin Costner in the movie " The Untouchables ", are you prepared to do what`s necessary?

Wine Reviewed in PA